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Tom Brady wins lawsuit against NFL, suspension overturned

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

This is kind of huge. The judge in Tom Brady's lawsuit against the NFL has ruled in favor of the quarterback, and has nullified his four-game suspension in the Deflategate matter. The NFL will most certainly appeal, but this would seem to mean Brady will be playing next week for the New England Patriots.

The judge had previously told both parties he could rule either way, and encouraged them to reach a settlement. However, throughout the case, the judge seemed to come down particularly hard on the NFL. I am a little surprised the arbitration decision was overturned, but I am not entirely shocked given the nature of the judge's handling of the NFL.

It will be interesting to see how hard the NFL pushes this in the court system. Nullifying arbitration decisions generally requires satisfying a pretty huge burden. The NFL has handled things rather haphazardly, but I am curious to see what an appeal brings in this case. For now, Tom Brady is back in action. I think both sides handled this whole thing poorly, but I am amused to see the NFL power given a bit of a check.