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Anthony Davis posts Instagram about weight, eventual 49ers return

The San Francisco 49ers sort of retired right tackle was back on Instagram with a comment about his weight and his potential return.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers offensive line remains a huge question heading into Thursday's preseason finale. Jordan Devey will take over at right guard, while Erik Pears remains the right tackle. In case you were wondering about the previous guy, former right tackle Anthony Davis was back on Instagram, with another interesting comment.

Davis has made it clear he plans on returning next year, and is spending this year off getting his body back to 100 percent. Some people never want to see him with the 49ers again, while others are hoping he comes back sooner to help a questionable offensive line.

The most interesting thing is the 50 pounds comment. I would assume this means he has dropped 50 pounds this offseason. He weighed somewhere in the 320 range, coming out of college at 323 pounds. If he has dropped 50 pounds, he is in the 270 range. That is a sizable drop, but I imagine an NFL-caliber nutrition and strength program could get him back up over 300 pounds if needed, pretty quickly.