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49ers-Chargers predictions: Time for some score predictions!

The San Francisco 49ers wrap up their 2015 preseason schedule with a home contest against the San Diego Chargers. We're back for some predictions using the widget from The Crowd's Line.

Welcome back for the final round of preseason score predictions! You might be better off just using a dartboard to develop a score prediction, but what the heck, might as well have some fun with it!

The San Francisco 49ers host the San Diego Chargers in a preseason Week 4 contest at Levi's Stadium. This marks the final game of the preseason, which means one more of the score prediction widget with the help of The Crowd's Line. They track predictions on both SB Nation sites (Bolts from the Blue, this week), as well as the general crowd line, and what Vegas is thinking.

It is a preseason contest, so score really doesn't matter, but it is funny to see how people view any matchup. And given all the backups, it will be all the more interesting to track. And if this works out well, we might continue to use it during the preseason. We'll still have our normal prediction contest each week, but we'll mix this in for a little more creative analysis.

The widget is below. It is a little slow loading, but should load up after a few seconds. Just submit your score, and you'll then see what the crowd line looks like.