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Jim Tomsula has quite the personality

I have no idea how Jim Tomsula is going to perform as the San Francisco 49ers head coach, but I do know that as a person, he is entertaining me to no end. He is the proverbial straight-shooter that is more than willing to go on record with what needs to be said.

Eric Branch is putting together a feature on the 49ers coach, scheduled to run next week, and he has posted some amazing quotations on Twitter.

If the 49ers do in fact struggle, I imagine Tomsula will end up a footnote in history. But if the team manages to find some success, I could see the national media becoming completely enamored with him. He is a pretty simple guy, who is not afraid to say what he thinks is going on. He won't tell the media everything, but he seems about as honest as one can expect from a head coach. The media loves that kind of personality, and if the 49ers win some games, I could see national folks jumping all over the Tomsula story.