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Considering Bruce Miller implications of T.J. Ward suspension for 2014 arrest

The NFL announced a one-game suspension for Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward. We break down what it means for San Francisco 49ers fullback Bruce Miller.

The NFL had a check on their power Thursday morning with the Tom Brady reversal, but they are back at it this afternoon! The league announced that Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward has been suspended one game under the personal conduct policy. The suspension is related to a May 2014 incident in which Ward was charged with misdemeanor assault and disturbing the peace. Ward got into a scuffle at a strip club, and eventually did four hours of community service in August to have the charges dropped.

The timing on this is at least a little bit interesting for San Francisco 49ers fans. We are waiting for word on whether or not Bruce Miller will face a suspension for his misdemeanor vandalism charge. Miller was arrested in March for misdemeanor spousal battery after an incident with his then fiancee in which a cell phone was smashed. He was subsequently charged with misdemeanor vandalism, and pled no contest to misdemeanor disturbing the peace. He is attending a domestic violence counseling course, after which the final sentence will be handed down.

The NFL is reviewing his case, and this could give us some idea of what punishment Miller could receive. Based on the charge to which Miller pled out, I would think he should get no more than one game. Given the connection to what was originally an arrest for domestic violence, maybe the NFL goes with more. I really don't know, and the NFL domestic violence policy is not clear.

Miller's formal sentencing is expected sometime in December, per Eric Branch back in June. His DV counseling course is 16 weeks, so if he started it in mid-June, it would run into October. I would not be surprised at this point if the NFL waits until that all is completed and the legal process is final. Of course, that means we will hear about a suspension next week!