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Fantasy football draft strategy: 49ers to consider for 2015

The San Francisco 49ers are making some changes on offense. How will that impact fantasy football in 2015?

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The 2015 NFL season is just about upon us, which means fantasy football drafts are picking up steam. If you are not done drafting, you likely will be wrapping up over Labor Day weekend. And that means figuring out which members of the San Francisco 49ers you want to include on your fantasy teams. In the past I have tried to avoid them when possible, but lately, I have looked to them for reserve, non-critical spots. I figure if they blow up I can use them, if not, I can release them and move on.

Evan Silva recently put together his Top 200 rankings, and his list included six 49ers players. Here is a look at where they rank, along with my thoughts on their fantasy prowess.

47. Carlos Hyde (RB20)

The 49ers decided to take the plunge and make the switch from franchise leader Frank Gore. Hyde served as his backup last year, and did great work breaking tackles. This year, he has potentially Reggie Bush, Mike Davis, Kendall Hunter and Jarryd Hayne complementing him, but I expect him to be the primary guy. I don't know if he will dominate this first year, but I expect a solid bottom-end RB1 campaign from Hyde.

75. Anquan Boldin (WR34)

He is Mr. Consistency with at least 50 catches for 12 straight seasons. The 49ers added Torrey Smith this offseason as a deep threat, but I expect Boldin to continue leading the team in receptions. He has limited upside, but as a second or third wide receiver, he is a safe bet.

96. Torrey Smith (WR44)

This is an interesting one. Smith will likely lead the 49ers in yards per reception, but I expect boom or bust fantasy production. I would hope he'll have solid numbers by season's end, but I see a mix of good and bad games. And that's even assuming the offensive line holds up.

113. Reggie Bush (RB44)

The aging running back remains a strong PPR candidate. For those who do not know, PPR stands for point per reception. If Bush remains healthy, he has a good chance at exceeding 50 receptions this season. That's a big "if" for him, but there are a lot of receptions to be had. There is some value as well on the bottom end of standard leagues, but PPR is where you can get some value from Reggie Bush.

150. Colin Kaepernick (QB22)

A lot of rankings are pretty low on Kap this year. The offense is coming off an inconsistent 2014, and the offensive line is problematic. He could very well prove to be a meh regular quarterback, but those legs automatically boost his fantasy value. If the team runs him more as some expect, it only adds to his value. I think he has strong upside, but it is hard to tell how this offense will do. Nonetheless, he is a strong QB2 with his legs, and there is upside for QB1 value.

162. Vernon Davis (TE20)

After an awful 2014 season, Davis plummeted in 2015 fantasy rankings. If he bounces back, there is a chance he could be quite the steal. I would not count on Vernon as our starting tight end, but if you do not get one of the top three or four tight ends, I highly recommend stashing him on your bench.