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49ers-Chargers: Back to assess the Levi's Stadium field condition

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The San Francisco 49ers are back home to wrap up their 2015 preseason schedule, and that means it is time for a little chatter about the state of the Levi's Stadium field. The site played host to a Luke Bryan concert last weekend, and the field has subsequently been replaced.

A few of the 49ers media folks have gotten some pictures of the field, and had some comments about its condition. It seems like all is well at this point, but I figure it's worth a little something for now. Chris Biderman had this to say about the field:

Fooch's update: It's a partially re-sodding with full sodding before Vikings MNF opener.

He also had this picture from the press box:

Finally, Matt Barrows posted this to Instagram, with a caption mentioning that the hope is it lasts until midseason. The field is playing host to the "Friday Night Lights" high school football series on September 18, and then 49ers-Packers 16 days later. We'll see how it holds up.

Your weekly grass update: this is the post-Luke Bryan field that's expected to last until mid season or so. #49ers

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