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49ers, Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara sued for 2014 bathroom brawl

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The San Francisco 49ers find themselves back in legal news. The team is being sued by two individuals who were attacked and beaten in a bathroom at Levi's Stadium last season. The attack was caught on video, and two men were charged with assault. One of the men pled guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison. The lawsuit includes the 49ers, the Stadium Authority, the city of Santa Clara, and more.

The lawsuit alleges negligence and dangerous condition of public property. You can read through the full lawsuit below, but basically, the two plaintiffs believe the 49ers had a duty to screen fans for intoxication and gang affiliation. They claim the defendants were negligent in providing security throughout the facility.

In light of the attack this year in the parking lot following the season opener, it will be interesting to see if and when a lawsuit results. I continue to think there are ways to better invest in security. I realize police can't be every where, and I imagine this will be part of the defense. Or maybe the team, stadium and city elect to settle this and move past it. Ideally all of this negative publicity forces the franchise, the stadium authority and even NFL to consider some serious changes to how they attempt to keep fans safe at games.

Patel vs. 49ers