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Jim Tomsula does not anticipate lineup changes this week

Jim Tomsula addressed concerns about the 49ers starting lineup, saying he is not looking to emotionally overreact right now.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula met with the media on Wednesday, and not surprisingly, he got a question about making changes to the starting lineup. He said the coaches are always evaluating the roster and considering changes, but he also said there was nothing "glaring" that was coming up. He emphasized the team is focused on fixing and coaching to figure out ways to improve.

Tomsula talked about thinking through things, and not emotionally over-reacting. His most telling quotation might have been this one:

"My first reaction when something is not going right is not to throw somebody out and put somebody else in," Tomsula said. "That's not the way I think. That's just not the way I think. I don't see it as people are disposable. Look, we're professional football. We need to do a better job. We need to get it done."

I get not wanting to overreact, but there is a certain cool detachment that is sometimes necessary when things aren't going well. Oscar had a good comment on that:

It is entirely possible Tomsula and the coaching staff do not see better options on the bench. But right now, it is reasonable to be concerned about the lack of changes. The counter would be that it has only been three weeks, and things can change. Personally, I think the team has shown enough problems that a shake-up could prove helpful. If the team continues to struggle I would hope something would happen, but it appears we will be waiting a little longer for that.