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Daniel Kilgore provides update on his injury status, 49ers return

The San Francisco 49ers could really use the services of Daniel Kilgore. The center provided an update on the status of his leg injury.

San Francisco 49ers center Daniel Kilgore will not be eligible to come off the PUP list until at least Week 7, but he provided an update to beat writers on Wednesday. Jim Tomsula had previously said Kilgore had a quick surgery, and it was something the team felt good about.

It turns out the surgery was a bit more serious. Kilgore told assembled media (InmanBarrows) that he had 12 screws and a plate put in his leg to stabilize the fibula. He is without a walking boot or crutches at this point, but he is still not eligible to practice with the team. He can continue working on his rehab and conditioning in the meantime.

Kilgore told media conditioning is the biggest issue for him, and he would not really know what was going on until he got on the field and was practicing. The team can open a practice window after Week 6, after which they have three weeks to return him to the 53-man roster, or place him on season-ending IR. Following Week 6, they have a six-week window to start that practice window. That essentially means Kilgore could be activated anytime between Week 7 and Week 15.

The 49ers suffered numerous losses this offseason, but the unexpected retirement of Anthony Davis coupled with Kilgore's extended absence have been the biggest losses in my opinion. The offensive line has been fairly disastrous. If Kilgore and Davis had been around, I feel like we'd see a significantly better offensive line. Such is life, I suppose.