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Golden Nuggets: See you on Monday night, 49ers fans

The preseason is over. Real football is about to begin.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone. I didn't get a chance to watch last night's preseason finale as closely as I'd have liked to, as I was covering the rest of the games for the SB Nation mothership. I did like a few things that I saw and will be doing some posts on that stuff, but if there was anything in particular you folks would like made into gifs or broken down in some form or fashion on the site, please leave a comment here or Tweet me.

That will make it a lot easier for me to find the stuff. NFL Gamepass is good sometimes, but at others it's nearly impossible to find the plays I'm looking for. Fortunately, NFL Rewind is typically a better product and I'm looking forward to the coaches' film this time around so I can make even better gifs for y'all.

Anyway, the next time we see the San Francisco 49ers on the field, it will actually matter, and that's terrifying. It's going to be real, actual football and no matter what happens, no matter what stupid, petty arguments we get into here on Niners Nation, I'd like you all to know I'd rather not go to hell and back with anyone else. Let's do this thing, folks. Onto your links, and Go Niners!

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