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Jim Trotter tweets about bad 49ers locker room chatter

Well, we are nine months removed from Jim Harbaugh, but apparently that does not end all locker room discord. ESPN NFL writer Jim Trotter posted this tweet regarding some chatter from the San Francisco 49ers locker room.

People are quick to criticize Trotter on this, but I think there are a couple things we can take from this. It is annoying to see such a general tweet with zero follow-up, but I am not surprised. I don't expect a lot of detail from 49ers media in Santa Clara because this does not seem like something 49ers players would discuss with local media. I could see them being more inclined to share with their favorite national media.

And on that note, my guess is that this might involve veterans who are potentially out the door. I have nothing to support this, but with Darnell Dockett and Philip Wheeler the first two out the door on Friday, I could see guys like that shooting Trotter a text on occasion. Cam Inman made a good point about all the new young players that seemingly would have no reason to complain.

We are never going to know for certain about this, which is the nature of this kind of "report". We'll see if we hear more, but for now, we are dragged back in!