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Golden Nuggets: Saturday Morning Cut-Day Edition

49ers links for Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Saturday morning edition of the Golden Nuggets, where I, your esteemed host El Pato, take you through some of the finer things in the wonderful world of the San Francisco 49ers. It looks like I'll be the 'Saturday' guy for the near future, so plan your calendars accordingly.


Man, Jarryd Hayne is just nuts  isn't he? Like you, I had a lot of "ooooohs" when I watched him on Thursday night trucking San Diego's Lowell Rose. I know, I wrote a column this week where I said we shouldn't get our hopes up on him, but man, his fundamentals are sound and I'm nothing but excited for the possibilities. If they can coach this guy up, not only is our return game going to be one of the more exciting things in 49ers football, Hyde and Hayne will be a very lethal tandem.

I'm not too sure what the Niners front office is doing releasing Darnell Dockett. Then again, I wasn't too sure what they were doing signing him. On one hand, we have crazy depth with the young guys, and more playtime for them given the circumstances is a good idea, but on the other--we guaranteed him two million. I know that we freed up some significant cap space by cutting him loose, but you'd think with a guarantee like that, we'd keep him around, at least  for a few games just to see what we have. Then again, I wouldn't want to give up Purcell or another young guy to Dockett, whose health may be in question. I'm not a G.M. nor do I really know how salary caps work, so I'm not going to think on it too much.

Beyond his release, the other two cuts today that stand out are Joe Looney and Craig Dahl, for different reasons. Dahl's because it seems like the guy could never catch a break, and was the scapegoat on the few times the defense gave up yards (I even criticised him). However, I do think he contributed a solid special teams role and I hope that void is filled by one of the young guns. Looney's release just means one thing: The 2012 draft never happened. Ever.

All right! Let's get you some links!

Constant relocation takes its toll on NFL wives (Grant Cohn) - Great article about wives and how moving around takes it's toll on not just the players, but their families. Torrey Smith is a player featured.

49ers' Hayne has NFL rethinking global recruitment systems (CSN Bay Area)

49ers' RB Jarryd Hayne's Mother Explains Why He Wears No. 38 (Sakamoto)- I just can't get enough out of this guy

Cam Inman Talks to Australian Media About Jarryd Hayne (49ers Webzone) Ok now I've had enough.

Top 5 Highlights from 49ers vs. Chargers ( --Just in case you missed all the hub-bub Thursday.

49ers release Philip Wheeler, Joe Looney and Craig Dahl (Alper)

49ers Release Looney, Get nothing from 2012 Draft Class (Bay Area Sports Guy) Well, yeah...

WR Issac Blakeney finds humor in being cut - (ESPN) With this guy's humor, I kinda wonder if there's a way we can get him back on the squad now. Then again, we have enough wide receivers.

Darnell Dockett was supposed to fill void left by Justin Smith (ESPN)

The Ninerizer (Nanni) SB Nation has created a nifty tool for you to see what would happen to other teams if they suffered the Niner's horrible offseason