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Kam Chancellor trade rumors: Seahawks talking to Giants, according to report

The Seattle Seahawks and New York Giants are reportedly talking about a deal involving holdout safety Kam Chancellor. The deal seems unlikely, but chatting is happening, according to reports.

The Seattle Seahawks are in a bit of a sticky situation as they try and figure out what to do with safety Kam Chancellor. He has held out through all of training camp and the preseason, and the situation remains unresolved. Now, there are rumors of trade talks. Shaun Morash is reporting the Giants and Seahawks are talking about a potential deal. Morash did say he did not think the deal was likely, but discussions are at least happening.

A lot of times, rumors connected to holdouts are just meant to force negotiations. However, if Chancellor were dealt, his new team would seem likely to be willing to give him a new deal to get him onto the field. This would seem to indicate growing frustration in Seattle. I suppose that is not exactly a bold statement given the lengthy holdout.

We are a week away from the start of the NFL season, and Chancellor remains out. Some kind of resolution needs to happen. A potential trade is not ideal for Seattle given that they are dealing from a position of weakness. The Giants could use some help at safety, and with the right deal, nobody would turn down Kam Chancellor.