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Jim Tomsula talks Jarryd Hayne, Darnell Dockett, Nick Moody, injuries

The San Francisco 49ers head coach spoke with the media via conference call on Saturday. He got a lot of Jarryd Hayne questions, with numerous Australian media on the line. We've got a full transcript, but I recommend listening to the audio as well with the Australian questions.

On Ahmad Brooks and if he'll play on MNF:

Yes I do.

On deactivating him:

There was a lot of thought about a lot of things until we were issued, I'm sure you got a statement from the Niners and the league. I had a lot of thoughts on a lot of things, till I was briefed on that. From their standing and the procedures that happened, he's on the active roster and he's playing football.

On if he will eventually be suspended:

To my knowledge, I'm not going to tell you that I have detailed knowledge of a lot of things. To my knowledge, I couldn't answer that.

On if Brooks with team at next meeting:

It's my understanding, yes.

On next team meeting:


On Hayne's emotions and what he's done:

Well, first of all, he's with his family, and we've communicated via text. I wanna make sure I respect his time with his family right now. Obviously, Jarryd Hayne's coming in here and making an NFL roster is an outstanding, making an NFL roster period, is an outstanding accomplishment. Obviously his situation's unique, and I can't say enough about his approach, the kind of person he is, and then obviously he's a world class athlete. Still a long way, let's also understand, the NFL can be an unforgiving business. You're playing for your job every day. So it's not like you make a milestone, you exhale and now you're there. The way I like to put it is, now you've got yourself to the starting line, and it's a long race.

On his chances when he arrived on day one:

Well I mean look, you're talking about a guy coming into a game he's never played. I mean, the odds of an American that grows up in this game, playing in the National Football League, I don't know the exact odds, I know they're out there somewhere. it's astronomical. And now you're talking about a guy that was not raised in this game, and he's made it. It's a tremendous achievement, but I think that's why everybody's so enamored with it. That true story, the American way, or the Australian way. Work hard, keep driven, and there you go, you made it.

On first meeting Hayne and thinking if he'd make the team:

Well, actually, when I met Jarryd Hayne, I was defensive line coach for the 49ers. I met him in my office and the reason that I met him was that obviously I had worked with the Europe league and international players, and cross-over athletes for quite a while with the NFL Europe league. So I was introduced, we sat down, we talked. He struck me as a bright guy, he struck me as a fearless guy. The only thing I had to say to him was, I felt like if he wanted a fair opportunity, that this was the organization to get the fair opportunity with. I shouldn't say fair, I should say best opportunity, with the way we work here. That's what that was.

Does it surprise me that he...? No, but again, I'm different, because I've been exposed to so many cross-over athletes.

On what stood out over last couple weeks with Hayne:

No, I can't tell you it was one pivotal moment. I think it's a culmination of the way the guy showed up. This is a guy that was at the top of his sport. From what I understand, he's a national figure back home. Just think about that now. He put that on hold, he walked away from that to try something new. That's very courageous, so it takes a lot of guts, but it also takes a lot of confidence. If you've got those two things you can do a whole lot.

On Hayne's role, if he'll be starting punt/kick returner:

I won't say that right now. I mean we've got some guys at that position that are pretty competitive. Let's see as it works out. And as we gameplan, we'll determine this things. But we think we have some options there. You know what I mean? Schematically we've got some options on what kind of returns and things we want. He also, he can cover. We had him do that, you saw some tackling going on. So we just finished that 53-man roster, and need to get to how many are on the 46. And that determines a lot in special teams.

On Moody release:

Yea, that was a tough decision. Nick Moody's busted his tail. It just where that worked out numbers-wise, and where we were, that tough decision had to be made.

On Kendall Hunter status:

Well, Kendall is, I don't want to, Kendall is obviously on the, we released that he is on the injured list. So, we just gotta, I don't think it's, I don't know. I mean he's just got to have that thin checked and worked out. It's not quite right yet.

On what factors put Hayne over the line:

The whole thing with Jarryd is, we looked at it, obviously you have a guy who can field kicks, a guy that can run in open spaces. We did see him tackle, now we need to keep improving on that. But his coverage skills on special teams looked like they keep improving. Running the football in the backfield, the protections, and what he was doing on offense keeps improving. He's by no means a finished product, but that goes to the other side, the type of person he is, the approach that he takes, he's a guy that we want here. So, we feel like he will continue to grow and get better.

On Hunter being eligible to return during season:

I'm not going to tell you that I know that rule, there's a certain amount of time that he would have to be out. I don't have that in front of me. I refer to my book on that. I believe it's so many weeks after his, hold on Bob {Lange] is trying to help me with that. That's right, it depends on what list he's put on. So, you know what I mean? Whatever list he's on, then we'll be able to determine when he can come back.

On Hayne be returning punts on MNF:

I don't want to mislead anybody, anything's possible. So I'm gonna answer that with that. Again, now, when it comes to specifics on who's going to do what against our opponent, I'm not going to get into those areas.

On Busta Anderson to IR:

I refer to him as Rory, and it's an ankle.

On it happening Thursday:

Yea, he's got something with the ankle. I don't have all those forms back yet. We just got done with everything.

On Hayne being on 46-man roster Monday:

[Laugh] Once again, I'm not going to refer to who's on the 46. That doesn't have to be determined until right before the game, so I wait until that time. There's 53 guys on our roster, and part of the way we do things in the NFL is, part of the way it works is it's about an hour and a half before the game, and you have to determine who's up and who's down for the game. So there's a little bit of sportsmanship that goes on there.

On Australian enthusiasm, thus the questions:

No, I think it's awesome. I want you to be excited, and you should be excited. You should be fired up, and we're fired up, and it should be a celebration in Australia. I do understand it's huge, and it's magnitude, and all those things. And I do feel a little bit bad that I'm not sharing more information with you, but again, I gotta stay away from things that go into our, we're going against an opponent in a week.

On text to Jarryd:

Usually these are very private.

On Dockett release:

The play of that whole group impacted that decision. I have nothing but tremendous respect for Darnell Dockett's play. That's been duly noted, I've said it numerous times. The way Darnell Dockett has played football the last ten or eleven years, I have respected what I have seen of him on game day. I just wish him the best, and it was just another one of those tough decisions.

On Hayne needing to improve on fair catches:

Yea, I think he's getting used to it. We all saw, hey, just to make sure, we saw him raise his hand over his head, catch the ball and hand it to the official. So we know he can do it, he did it once.

On Hayne text (Maiocco question):

See I thought you would leave me alone. [Laugh] I didn't say any bad words. I just congratulated him, and said something to the effect of, welcome to the starting line, it's a long race.

On satisfaction bringing over Hayne and getting him on roster:

Again, I don't want to take away from what Jarryd has accomplished on his, just in who he is. But am I extremely proud of taking a chance, looking outside the box here as an organization? Yes. I'm extremely proud and grateful that the organization did that. I am extremely grateful and proud of the coaches that coach him every day. I just think it's a good thing for everyone. But again, I just want to keep saying, it's the 53, and this is a long, long race. So, all we are is lined up. We're huddling around the starting gates.

On potential run of foreign players to 49ers:

Hey, if you've got a lot of skill out there, and you're somewhere else in the world, and you can run fast and you can hit hard and you can catch a ball or throw a ball or tackle, this is the place for you. Everybody come here. Am I allowed to recruit?