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NFL Roster Cuts 2015: 49ers news, trade rumors, waivers, updates, and practice squad tracker

We will be tracking the San Francisco 49ers practice squad and waiver moves throughout Sunday.

The San Francisco 49ers cut down to their 53-man roster on Saturday, and a day later we get to see who will join the practice squad. Starting at 10 a.m. PT, teams can begin signing unrestricted free agents to their practice squad. You can read all the practice squad eligibility rules, and check out our practice squad predictions. The 49ers do not have to sign all ten players, but odds are good they get close to that maximum on Sunday.

Prior to that 10 a.m. time, the 49ers will also submit any potential waiver wire claims. The team has until 9 a.m. PT to submit their waiver claims. The personnel notice is sent out at 10 a.m., which means we will probably find out about any waiver claims around then. I imagine agents or players might let something slip, but it is hard to tell how timing works with waivers and when players find out. Here is a full rundown on how the waiver wire operates.

Whatever the case, we'll use this as an open thread to track all the 49ers roster moves on Sunday. There will be individual articles for items of particular note, but everything will also be updated in here.

49ers practice squad

RB Kendall Gaskins
WR DiAndre Campbell
DT Kaleb Ramsey
NT Garrison Smith
CB Marcus Cromartie
QB Dylan Thompson
OLB Marcus Rush
OG Andrew Tiller
S Jermaine Whitehead

News, rumors

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49ers Twitter media list