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Some initial resolution to 49ers Jordan Devey-Asante Cleveland trade

The San Francisco 49ers made a trade back in August that sent tight end Asante Cleveland to the New England Patriots, and brought back offensive lineman Jordan Devey. We can't fully assess the trade yet, but we have some early answers.

The San Francisco 49ers entered training camp with eight tight ends, and it was no surprise they started dealing some of them away. They eventually were able to deal Asante Cleveland to the New England Patriots for offensive lineman Jordan Devey, and Derek Carrier to Washington for a 2017 draft pick.

The Carrier trade will take some time to resolve, but we have some early answers in the Cleveland trade. We certainly do not have final answers, but we can slowly begin to assess the deal. We will find out more once actual football starts up, but for now, roster cuts bring something.

Earlier this week, the 49ers installed Devey as their right guard. Back east, the Patriots waived Asante Cleveland, and earlier today they signed him to their practice squad. That reads like an early victory for the 49ers. Of course, if Devey is a complete flop at right guard, that will change quickly. But if the 49ers get even a moderately decent right guard out of this trade, that's not too shabby for giving up an undrafted free agent.