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Get ready to join our Fanduel league for Week 1 of the NFL schedule

Editor's Note: Compete against Niners Nation writers in our week 1 fantasy football league on FanDuel. First place wins $100 and the top 20 win cash. Join now!

We are back this year with another Fanduel league. If you have never played Daily Fantasy Football before, it is essential a one-week fantasy league (it's called daily, but just think "weekly"). You set your lineup for a given week based on a FanDuel salary cap. You accumulate points for that week, and you can win prize money.

Go HERE to sign up for the Niners Nation league, which will start Week 1 (September 13).

The way it works is this:

  • Sign up for Fanduel and enter our league with this link. It's $5 to enter and the top 20 teams are paid out. First place wins $100, 13th-20th win $10
  • You get a $60,000 salary cap and must pick your team within that salary cap.
  • The point is to get as many points as possible.

The key to FanDuel is finding the best values. Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles are big names at $9,200 and $8,900, respectively, but Carlos Hyde is likely a better value at $7,300. The key is finding those undervalued assets that in turn allow you to add a high dollar one elsewhere. There are no bonus points for saving cap space, so spend as much of it as you can.

Sign up and get ready for our league each week this year! We'll be back a couple times each week with some strategy advice and general discussion. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.