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NFL power rankings 2015: SB Nation bloggers rank 49ers No. 22

The first SB Nation power rankings are in, and we take a look at how the 49ers ranked.

Since yesterday was Labor Day, and it was the first Monday after roster cuts, I'm just going to look at today as the first day of the game week. The San Francisco 49ers host the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football, and we will start to get some answers to the many questions presented by a tumultuous offseason. The answers could be good or bad, but we will start to get answers.

Over the last week, SB Nation unveiled the 2015 NFL preview guide. Our product and design team does a fantastic job with the layout of these guides, so I highly recommend giving it a read. One part of the guide is the first power rankings of the season. Danny Kelly will be putting together weekly power rankings, but for the first one, we had the SB Nation bloggers all chip in and vote.

It is not a surprise the 49ers are a ways down. They averaged out at No. 22.I had them ranked No. 16, which I figured would reflect my uncertainty about what to make of this team. They could end up in the top half of the league, they could end up in the bottom half of the league, but I honestly don't know at this point in time.

I ended up not even ranking the 49ers highest. Our friends at Behind The Steel Curtain ranked them No. 13. I shot them an email to get their thoughts. After that, the highest rank was 20. The lowest rank was a 30, with three people placing them at 29.