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49ers announce black alternate uniforms for MNF opener, Week 12 vs. Cardinals

We now know when the team will sport the new black alternate uniforms.

49ers PR

The San Francisco 49ers formally announced the dates for when they will wear the new black alternate uniforms. The team is allowed to use them for two games this season, and they have chosen the season opener against the Minnesota Vikings, and Week 12 against the Arizona Cardinals. We knew about the season opener information over the weekend, but now we have clarification on the second game.

There are plenty of conflicting opinions on these alternate jerseys. Some people love them, some hate them. I lean toward the former, albeit for a limited use uniform. I do not want to be seeing these frequently, but I can get behind a couple times a year. I'll be at the MNF opener, so I'll get a chance to see them up close. I'll provide some kind of review of them, or at least tweet out some thoughts on game night.

I figured we would get at least one night game with the new uniforms. Late November will be significantly cooler than September or October, so a 1:05 p.m. kickoff in the black uniforms should not be much of an issue. It won't be cold by any stretch, but it will not be summer heat. The team can only wear them twice each year, so I imagine we'll see a similar balance in the future.