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6 days until 49ers kickoff: Who wore it best? Who wears it now?

The San Francisco 49ers season starts in 6 days. We take a look at jersey No. 6, worn by some notable kickers.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers kick off the 2015 NFL regular season on Monday Night Football, on September 14. That game. means San Francisco is now a mere 6 days away from kicking off its 2015 regular season. In the spirit of that approaching date, I thought I would steal this idea from our Oakland Raiders site.

Who wore it best: K Joe Nedney (2005-2010)

The No. 6 has been primarily a number for kickers. And so of course I had to use a picture of Jose Cortez. One fun part of this countdown has been the ability to occasionally troll 49ers fans with some of the more notorious names in franchise history. Maybe next year we'll focus more on that than on the great ones to wear it.

This was actually a tough call for the top spot. Joe Nedney has the higher Career AV, while Mike Cofer has an All Pro nod, and was the kicker on two Super Bowl squads. Comparing kickers across eras is always difficult. The position has improved as much as any over the history of the NFL, with a pretty big upswing the last 15 or 20 years.

I can see the arguments for both, but Nedney gets the nod because of two videos:

Kick Me, Joe Nedney

Joe Nedney vs. Ziggy the robot

Who wears it now: Nobody