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Can Reggie Bush impact the 49ers and fantasy football?

The San Francisco 49ers will be looking for a weapon to emerge to complement Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith in the passing game. Could Reggie Bush be that guy?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy football drafts are rapidly coming to a close, and I find myself in four leagues this year. The NN league, and then three money leagues I have been involved with for several years now. One of my leagues provide a point for each reception a player has in a game. This results in strategic adjustments because some running backs gain considerable value as third down options.

The most notable such player on the San Francisco 49ers roster would be Reggie Bush. This article is discussing fantasy football, but it also allow us to consider Bush's place in the 49ers offense this season. The 49ers have two impact receivers in Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith, but there are questions as to who else will be catching passes. Quinton Patton and Bruce Ellington are next on the receiver depth chart. Vernon Davis is looking to bounce back from an abysmal 2014 campaign. Vance McDonald is looking to establish something in his third season.

That leaves running back. Carlos Hyde will be some kind of factor in the passing game, but Reggie Bush will be even more involved. This is contingent on his ability to remain healthy, but if he can, there could be a lot of passes for him to catch. Trent Dilfer was discussing the 49ers offense on Tuesday, and tweeted this out:

It is with that in mind that I ended up selecting Bush in my PPR league. This 49ers offense needs to add some alternatives to just Anquan Boldin. If Torrey Smith and a potentially resurgent Vernon Davis can boost the deep game, the dink and dunk side of things could open up significantly.

We love seeing the big chunk plays, but as long as the offense is getting first downs and finding success in the red zone, I think we'll take the production any way we can get it. I have a hunch Reggie Bush will be a significant part of any such production.