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49ers 'productive meeting' does not include Hue Jackson offer

The San Francisco 49ers search for a coach seems likely to carry over into Monday, at least based on Matt Maiocco's latest report. The 49ers beat writer is reporting the 49ers had a "productive meeting" with Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, but an offer has not been made to any candidate. Maiocco's source said a new coach is expected soon, but it probably would not happen on Sunday.

Jackson spoke with the 49ers this morning, with the interview running approximately five hours, according to all reports. Jackson followed that up with an interview with the Cleveland Browns. That interview started at noon PT, according to Mike Silver, so my guess is that it is still happening at this publish time.

I have to think someone will have something to say to a media member before the end of the evening. We know Mike Silver is tight with Jackson, so he would probably be the guy to watch for updates. Maiocco has excellent sources inside the 49ers front office, so he will probably get a significant tip pretty quickly. Whatever the case, I would think this thing makes some kind of move forward tonight or Monday morning. We might not have immediate resolution, but we'll get some kind of further insight.