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Richard Sherman is thankful the Seahawks finally got a break

Is it safe to say Richard Sherman is a little delusional, or a lot delusional? The Seattle Seahawks cornerback was chatting with the media following the Seahawks wild win over the Minnesota Vikings, and he actually said and meant that. The reporter in question subsequently tweeted that Sherman meant it, and was not saying it in jest.

I appreciate that every fanbase and team probably thinks the refs are out to get them, and they can't catch all the breaks. But seriously, Richard? I think the Seahawks are a strong organization that prepares for various situations, but I can admit they can catch some significant breaks. I don't know if it's anymore than every other organization, but the ball seems to bounce their way quite frequently.

The Seahawks will head east to Carolina next week to face the Panthers in the divisional round. They very well could find a way to win that game, but I think Carolina is a slightly tougher opponent than the Vikings. And if they can get Jonathan Stewart back, that will be huge.

In the meantime, thank goodness Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks FINALLY caught a break.