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Anthony Davis talks about Jim Harbaugh, Super Bowl, kicking Jim Schwartz's butt

Semi-sort-of-former San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis had a few more tweets this weekend that were interesting and/or amusing to some extent. He has had a lot to say the last few weeks, and as we know, he can be a little more outspoken than a lot of football players.

I would say none of the three tweets is particularly surprising, but it's always fun to see someone actually say something on the record. That being said, I've taken screenshots of Davis' tweets, because he has deleted them on occasion in the past. In fact, the final tweet is a screenshot somebody else grabbed, because Davis has since deleted the tweet.

49ers should have run it in from the five

Anthony Davis tweet Super Bowl

Jim Harbaugh would have kicked Jim Schwartz's butt

Anthony Davis tweet Harbaugh Schwartz

AD is not entirely broken up that Harbaugh is gone