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Jim Caldwell might now be on the hot seat with Detroit Lions

The Miami Dolphins decision to hire Adam Gase over the weekend removed one job from the NFL's pool of head coaching vacancies, but now there might be another opening. Reports are swirling that Jim Caldwell might no longer be safe in his position as head coach of the Detroit Lions.

Late last week, the Lions hired Bob Quinn to be the team's next general manager. I would assume he spent the weekend reviewing the team, and is now meeting with coaches to figure out the next step in shuffling up the Lions organization. I believe he has a press conference scheduled soon, so we'll get some insight into what Caldwell's status actually is.

Quinn came over from the New England Patriots, so Patriots OC Josh McDaniels and DC Matt Patricia could be on his short list to succeed Caldwell. Neither can interview a first time until after the Patriots are eliminated, and can only do follow-up interviews during the bye week before the Super Bowl if New England remains alive. If Caldwell gets canned, I would not be at all surprised if Quinn already had some discussions with McDaniels or Patricia.