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49ers receive permission to interview Tom Coughlin

Well, this is getting interesting! Mike Garafolo is reporting the San Francisco 49ers have asked for and been granted permission by the New York Giants to interview Tom Coughlin. Although Tom Coughlin stepped down as head coach, the team retained his rights. There was discussion he might take on an advisory role, but he has already been connected with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The 49ers seemed to be circling in on Hue Jackson, but that has hit a speed bump. The Giants requested permission to interview Jackson, so it is kind of fitting the 49ers would follow suit and try to interview Coughlin. There is no word on when the interview will take place. The 49ers ownership will be traveling to Houston to deal with the LA stadium issues on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it remains to be seen if any interviews would happen during that period.

Coughlin has been dealing with a veteran team in New York, and would be dealing with a slightly different re-building situation in Santa Clara. Coughlin is part of the Bill Parcells tree, so it makes some sense, given Trent Baalke's Parcells connection. Here is what our Giants blogger had to say about Coughlin:

I would only say this. I'm not sure why Coughlin would go to SF, or why the 49ers would be interested. TC will be 70 and I don't think the right job for him is one where a total rebuild is probably necessary. Coughlin is a CEO type. He delegates and I think maybe in the last year or two delegated a bit too much, but that's just conjecture on my part. His thing is about leadership, about getting players and people to give their best effort, to be the best they can be.