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Hue Jackson plans to interview with Giants, Browns want to make big push

Fooch's update: More insight into what the Cleveland Browns are prepared to offer.

The San Francisco 49ers pursuit of Hue Jackson might be hitting a more significant road block. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport is reporting Jackson plans on interviewing with the New York Giants, but that the Cleveland Browns intend on making a strong push for him.

The 49ers and Browns both interviewed Jackson on Sunday, and early indications were that the 49ers might be able to close the deal fairly quickly. That has obviously not happened, and the 49ers decision to pursue Tom Coughlin as well makes this all the more fluid. Owners are headed to Houston to discuss LA relocation issues, and that gums up the works a little further.

ESPN's Dianna Russini made an interesting point about the potential Coughlin interview. He and Trent Baalke both belong to the Bill Parcells tree of coaches and personnel people, so this Coughlin interview could be an indicator that things are in fact not close to done with Jackson. Couple that with the Giants interview and the Browns news, and this is a slightly messy situation.