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Who will end up coaching the San Francisco 49ers in 2016?

The San Francisco 49ers coach search was moving along relatively smoothly most of last week, and heading into Sunday, it seemed like the 49ers could move into position to close the deal on Hue Jackson. A day later, we have officially gone off the rails in a major way.

Sunday evening saw word that the New York Giants were interested in Jackson. On Monday, we learned the Cleveland Browns were expected to make a major push. That included reports that Jackson could get serious personnel control in Cleveland.

Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot reported that personnel control had not been discussed, so we are left not really knowing who is saying what. The Browns have hired numerous people the last few days, so it is kind of hard to know what exactly is going on in their organization.

That being said, the 49ers coaching search is not entirely clear at this point. They've interviewed a handful of candidates, including Jackson, Chip Kelly, Anthony Lynn, Dirk Koetter, and John DeFilippo. There are reports they have been on the phone with Mike Shanahan, but did not have an interview. They have been granted permission to interview Tom Coughlin.

Tuesday and Wednesday, NFL owners will be meeting in Houston to discuss LA relocation. Things could slow down a bit during that stretch, which could mean time to re-assess and take a breath. With that in mind, I thought I'd put together a poll to see who people think will end up being the next head coach. I was tempted to go with entirely trolling options, but I'll save that for if things quiet down the next couple days!