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NFL coaching search January 11: Hue Jackson saga part II

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

To the untrained eye, someone may think nothing happened in the San Francisco 49ers NFL coaching search, but those are untrained eyes. LOTS of things happened in this coaching search. Lots and lots of things that lead to nothing. Absolutely nothing. I bring you:

The Connections Hue Jackson Saga, Episode II: The Browns Strike Back

Today's coaching search unfolded like an episode of some late-90s NBC sitcom. Sure, you had a redundant plot and the usual suspects going off on some crusade to further the characters, but in reality, nothing happened until the very end when everything got back to normal in a very creative way. This of course means, through the course of these events, we have managed to incite emotions, and lead to absolutely nothing happening. At all.

Yesterday ended with Hue going to sleep and today, I would guess began with him waking up. At this point, he has nothing to do with the 49ers. Instead of Hue we got a repeat of last night that Tom Coughlin was formally asked to be interviewed by the 49ers. Just to be clear, this is no longer a projected interview or a scheduled interview, we just have confirmation the 49ers have asked and gotten permission to interview Coughlin. So basically everything last night that was pretty much apparent, got that much more solidified. Moving on...

Back to Hue Jackson. As the day went on, Michael Silver, Ian Rapoport and Kyle McLorg all chimed in to confirm movements in Hue Jackson's case...which wound up at the end of the day being absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nadda. No movement out of  dead center.

First, the Giants were mentioned as being a third team Hue Jackson would no doubt interview, go figure. Then this, the prelude to the madness that would begin was thumbed out:

Keep in mind, the Browns don't even have a general manager yet. But that's apparently not stopping them from going and getting Jackson. That was enough to get everyone excited, but then this bomb dropped:

And this:

That tweet remained scary for all of 20 minutes, since Michael Silver and Mary Kay Cabot both debunked it. Apparently it's not control, Hue wants. In fact, Hue doesn't want anyone, yet. And the teams? The teams don't want Hue, yet:

This is what took us through the rest of the day. That tweet right there. Anytime someone had someone with news on a team Jackson would be leaning towards, Silver (who is friends with Jackson) would tell them what's what. All speculation would lead back to Silver saying this: No decisions at all have been made by either party (though later he'd echo Rapoport's statement that the Browns were making a push). No personnel power would be offered by the Browns. Basically, in the Hue Jackson saga...NOTHING HAPPENED. We are at the same exact crossroads as we were in the morning.

Except the Niners have received permission to interview Tom Coughlin.

And the Giants are going to interview, Hue Jackson.

All of the above, 673 words all mean one thing: Nobody knows what the [site decorum] is going on.

If you really want entertainment, head on over to Twitter and check the feeds. Some of the journalists involved in the Hue Jackson storyline took the gloves off today and it was rather entertaining to say the least. Far more ground was moved, and a much better storyline played out than this day of nothing. Bring popcorn and put on a Slayer album, it's worth it.

Other Candidates:

Meanwhile, Mike Holmgren has still not been called.

Scheduled Interviews;

Tom Coughlin is going to be interviewed this week. I guess.


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  • Cleveland
  • Miami
  • Philadelphia
  • New York
  • Tennessee
  • Tampa Bay

The wait continues...