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Cleveland Browns pursuing Hue Jackson most aggressively

Could Hue Jackson be headed to the factory of sadness? It seems like the Cleveland Browns are pushing hard.

The winner of the Hue Jackson sweepstakes remains up in the air, but the Cleveland Browns appear to be pushing hardest for now. A day after Ian Rapoport and Mike Garafolo reported the Browns were offering significant say in personnel matters, current Hue Jackson beat writer Mike Silver reported the Browns were coming heaviest.

The whole thing is odd, because Silver continues to say no offers have been made. It is possible that has changed this morning, but here is the latest from Silver:

Ian Rapoport had one interesting tidbit as well to add into the mix:

Silver said on Monday night that this whole thing could very well wrap up in 24-48 hours if offers start showing up. Jimmy Haslam and the Cleveland Browns would seemingly be close to making some kind of official offer. I would have to think parameters were discussed in the interview room. We could be getting into semantics in terms of formal, official offers.

Whatever the case, one has to wonder if Jackson would take a Browns offer without even interviewing with the Giants. Money and power can certainly be nice, but at the end of the day, it is still the Cleveland Browns we're talking about. They could very well figure things out and turn around their losing history, but for now, it's still the Cleveland Browns and the factory of sadness.