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Chip Kelly may have contributed to Alabama winning the College Football Playoff national championship game

Last week was a busy one for Chip!

The 2015-16 college football season is officially a wrap, as Alabama outlasted Clemson in a wild national championship game. I watched the game, but was not paying super close attention as I dealt with the Huepocalypse, but I enjoyed the wild fourth quarter. And it turns out, former Philadelphia Eagles head coach, and San Francisco 49ers candidate Chip Kelly may have had a hand in Alabama's victory.

Our friends at Bleeding Green Nation are looking for their own head coach, but remain firmly committed to the Chip Kelly beat. It turns out that prior to his interview with the 49ers, Kelly took some time to visit with Nick Saban's coaching staff in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. There was not much detail on the visit, but during Monday evening's broadcast, ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit commented on the topic.

"You're seeing more tempo tonight from Alabama than you typically see. Lane Kiffin had worked actually in the last week with Chip Kelly. Chip Kelly visited Tuscaloosa and one of the things they talked about is what tempo can do to a Clemson defense. And you've seen a lot of evidence of that tempo tonight."

Kelly interviewed with the 49ers last Thursday, but nothing seems to be coming from the interview. The 49ers interviewed a handful of other candidates, and yesterday reportedly received permission to interview Tom Coughlin. If Hue Jackson