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49ers meeting with Tom Coughlin on Tuesday, per Ian Rapoport

Fooch's update: Matt Barrows with more details -

The intrigue continues to rise! NFL Network's Ian Rapoport is reporting the San Francisco 49ers are meeting with Tom Coughlin today. Ownership is likely in Houston to discuss and vote on the LA relocation issues. If the 49ers are meeting with Coughlin, it would likely mean Trent Baalke traveled down to Houston and the meeting is happening there. It is of course possible Baalke is handling this with his staff, but given the reports about Jed and John York's involvement, my guess is it would be happening down there.

The 49ers appeared to be hot and heavy for Hue Jackson, but that has quieted down as Jackson considers an overture from the New York Giants, and the Cleveland Browns reportedly aggressive push. If the issue of personnel control came up, that could be a deal-breaker for the 49ers, and a reason they would back off.

There were some issues of personnel control battles between Tom Coughlin and the Giants front office, but the Bill Parcells connection could smooth over that kind of issue. Coughlin is from the Parcells tree, and Baalke was a scout under Parcells. If an interview is formally taking place today, it is safe to say Parcells has given his two cents on the topic.