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NFL coach search news, January 12: 49ers front office nervous, Coughlin interview a wrap, Jackson undecided

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That pretty much sums up Coach Watch today. Nothing has happened, but now we get an idea of just how productive this coaching search is. It seems like the San Francisco 49ers' past mistakes have come back to haunt them.

The Connections:

The 49ers wrapped up an interview with Tom Coughlin this evening. That's it. We don't know if it went well, or if he's onboard, just that it wrapped up. Therefore, this puts an exclamation point on all the news that Coughlin is in fact talking to the 49ers. Just a confirmation, nothing more. As far as where this goes? Well, we all know Trent Baalke is from the Bill Parcells coaching tree, as is Coughlin. I guess that means something? All I can do is speculate.

As for Hue Jackson? Don't even ask:

We'll see what happens tomorrow with this. If there isn't a hiring announcement then, it may be safe to assume the 49ers are still in it. 2nd interviews typically lock up the deal with teams emerging with their guy. Hue Jackson has an interview with the Giants that he has not called off, so there's that to consider. If he goes to the Browns, it's safe to assume he'd go after his New York interview. Considering Baalke is in New York City at the moment, maybe he does a stealth interview and comes back from New York with a present for the fans? I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. Given the rumors of personnel control for Jackson, the 49ers can't (and shouldn't) compete with that. So we can just wait and see.

The 49ers also interviewed Dirk Koetter... and that's it. Nothing really to report on that other than he has an interview under his belt and several reports indicate he's still in the running  for the Tampa Bay head coaching job.

Other Candidates:

Mike Holmgren still has not been called back...

No news on Chip Kelly, at least for the 49ers. He was spotted in Tuscaloosa, so he's apparently  keeping himself busy somehow.

Scheduled Interviews:


Coach Tracker:

Adam Gase is starting to get his staff figured out. He's hired Cincinnati Bengals defensive backs coach Vance Joseph as his defensive coordinator and 49ers offensive line coach Chris Forester. Considering Gase took the coach of one of the worst O-lines in the league this year, maybe there were no hard feelings he didn't get the head coaching job last year?

Mike Nolan, former coach of the San Francisco 49ers, stepped down as linebackers coach for San Diego. You know him best as the man who passed on Aaron Rodgers because Rodgers' attitude couldn't "co-exist with him".


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The wait continues...