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St. Louis Rams moving to Los Angeles, could be joined by San Diego Chargers

NFL owners have come to an agreement, and there will be football in Los Angeles once again. The St. Louis Rams have been given approval to go forward with their Inglewood stadium proposal, and are set to move back to LA for the 2016 season. The San Diego Chargers have the option of joining the Rams on the Inglewood proposal, but they have options over the next few years. The Oakland Raiders agreed to exit the partnership they had with the Chargers.

The Rams will likely play at the Los Angeles Coliseum while their stadium is built. The plan is for the stadium to be completed by 2019. The Chargers are not guaranteed to join them, but have options in front of them. It could get interesting if the Chargers take this option back to the city of San Diego as leverage to get some kind of deal done. My guess is they end up in Los Angeles, but that side of things is not complete yet.

This benefits the San Francisco 49ers. They won't get an exclusive hold on the Bay Area, but they have cut down their travel significantly. After 21 years of traveling to and from St. Louis, the 49ers will now get a much easier trip down to Los Angeles once again. "BEAT LA!" will become a mantra once again for 49ers fans.

As for the Raiders? Reports suggest they will receive additional funding options for a home market stadium. Of course, it remains to be seen if that will be enough to get something done in Oakland with limited public funding. It will be interesting to see how this situation develops, particularly alongside the Oakland Athletics.