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Where has Jim Tomsula gone?

Breaking up is hard to do and sometimes you just want to hide, but former 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula has completely dropped off the radar.

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It's not completely shocking to go into hibernation after a traumatic event like being publicly "released" from your job, but former 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula has gone silent. Several members of his coaching staff have reached out to him and he has not responded for nearly a week.

There's probably no reason to worry. Tomsula is probably planning a family vacation with his new wealth or simply taking a breather from the incredible stress that was palpable throughout the 2015 season. The guys at Barstool Sports however beg to differ, after seeing a picture of a mustache-less Tomsula at a local Gold's Gym. They suggested it might be a cry for help. Tomsula told the person who saw him that the new look was for a fresh start and state of mind. It may also help him from being so recognizable in public. After all of the negative attention that surrounded the season, going incognito is understandable.

The timing of Tomsula's hiatus from the football spotlight is interesting. After news that there were two teams interested in his services on the defensive side of the ball on January 8th, there have been no updates. As teams pick their head coaches and set their staffs, it becomes more of a likelihood that Tomsula will be taking some time off from the NFL, maybe a lot of time.