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Jason Cole reports 49ers slow-playing Hue Jackson, don't think Browns truly interest him [UPDATED: NOPE]

Fooch's update: NOPE

If you are hoping the San Francisco 49ers will still land Hue Jackson, Jason Cole's latest report might provide you with a little optimism. Of course, he has been all over the place this year with his reports, so take it with a grain of salt. I am still waiting for that David Shaw interview to happen, and Patrick Willis to un-retire.

Cole reported this morning that the 49ers are slow-playing this process with Jackson. He said the team does not think he is really interested in the Cleveland Browns situation, and they are waiting to see what shakes out from Jackson's interview with the New York Giants.

The Browns remain "the Browns", so I can see why there might be an inference that Jackson would not truly want the job. Of course, the Browns are reportedly offering him significant say in roster issues, and they hold the No. 2 pick. They could draft a quarterback of the future, and Jackson could build his offense around that player. And you know they can appeal to his ego about turning around Cleveland. When it comes to head coaches, ego often seems like a good approach.

The Giants position is an intriguing one for Hue. They have the best current quarterback of the three teams, some cap space, and some really intriguing weapons on offense. I imagine getting a chance to work with a guy like Odell Beckham Jr. is at least moderately interesting!

The 49ers are sitting pat for now, according to reports. I don't actually know what that means however. Matt Maiocco said sources indicated the team has no more interviews planned, and believe the search will end soon. Jackson has his Giants interview Thursday morning. Mike Silver has repeatedly said there are no offers on the table. I get the idea that the 49ers want to see what they're competing against, as opposed to setting the market, but if they truly are interested in Jackson, why screw around on this? If they are concerned about him saying no, that says something about the problems they might recognize with the organization. If they legitimately think it's a great opportunity, get the offer out there and get this thing moving.