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Mike Shanahan could be back in the mix for 49ers head coach position

Fooch's update: Ian Rapoport suggests the 49ers reached back out

There have been multiple reports that the San Francisco 49ers are closing in on a decision for their head coach position, and another old name is back in the mix. ESPN's Dianna Marie Russini is reporting Mike Shanahan is back in the mix for the position.

The 49ers were set to interview Shanahan last week, but Russini reported it was put on hold and they were sticking with phone conversations. There have been no reports since then. Russini previously covered sports in the Washington, DC area, and I imagine developed Shanahan sources at that point.

Shanahan has been out of the game since 2013. He was Washington's head coach from 2010 to 2013. His time in Washington was topsy-turvy to say the least. They went to the playoffs in 2012 thanks in large part to Robert Griffin III's great rookie season. Things fell apart around that, however. Prior to that he was head coach of the Denver Broncos from 1995 to 2008. And of course, he was offensive coordinator of the 49ers last Super Bowl winning team in 1994.

There was previously some question about whether age would be an issue for the next 49ers hire, but the interview with Tom Coughlin would indicate otherwise. Shanahan is 63, so he is still likely in shape to handle the head coach grind. He has plenty of experience on the offensive side of the ball, and he brings back some 49ers history. That's something for now.