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Dirk Koetter gets his staff lined up prior to potential job offer

If it's the 49ers or the Buccaneers is still to be determined

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Reports are coming out that Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter is lining up assistants for a possible head coaching role. The initial report said that Koetter had told his assistants that  he was the new Buccaneers head coach, but later reports said otherwise.

Multiple reports indicated part of the reason for firing Lovie Smith was to keep the Buccaneers offensive coordinator around. Koetter did interview with the San Francisco 49ers before they stopped interviewing anybody (or at least leaked it), so the team may be in the running to land the coaching prospect.

Koetter's head coaching career began at the high school level where he coached Highland High School in Pocatello, Idaho. From there, he had stops in Boise State and Arizona State as head coach before  becoming an offensive coordinator in the NFL for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons and recently, Tampa Bay.

This may turn into absolutely nothing but blind speculation, but if Koetter is notifying his assistants about his new job, he's got to be feeling pretty good about one of his interviews. Whether it's San Francisco, Tampa Bay, or somewhere else, he may be head coach somewhere soon.