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Jim Harbaugh asked about 49ers job search after attending State of the Union

Barack Obama had his final State of the Union address on Tuesday, and former San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh was in attendance as a guest of Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.). I was going to ignore this, but as Harbaugh was leaving, TMZ caught up with him, and he got a question about the San Francisco 49ers coaching search!

First off, TMZ has some impressive hustle, but having a camera crew at or near the Capitol is pretty impressive. I think this video is Harbaugh leaving the building following the speech. You can see a sign in the background pointing in the direction of the Library of Congress.

At one point, the camera guy got in a question about the 49ers coaching search. He asked if Harbaugh had anything to say, and Harbaugh kept it simple: "Uh, no, no. Not right now. I just kind of stay in my lane of doing my job at Michigan." I actually think he was caught off guard a little bit by the question. Aside from the randomness of TMZ in DC, getting a question about the 49ers is a little out of left field.