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49ers interviewed Mike Shanahan on Tuesday, per Ian Rapoport

The 49ers interest in Mike Shanahan has extended to an interview. Could this actually happen?

The San Francisco 49ers rumored renewed interest in Mike Shanahan is apparently more than just idle chatter. Ian Rapoport is reporting the 49ers formally interviewed Shanahan on Tuesday. He is saying the 49ers interest has "ramped up considerably" since then. Considering Hue Jackson decided on the Cleveland Browns during that stretch, and the Philadelphia Eagles spoke with Tom Coughlin a second time, I suppose we should not be overly surprised.

There has been some speculation that the 49ers old guard would love this hiring. There was a suggestion that Eddie DeBartolo has endorsed hiring Shanahan. One issue with hiring Shanahan is the question of roster control. He has had a lot of say over the roster in his years as head coach, and that is something that Trent Baalke is reportedly unwilling to give much ground on. This would likely be Shanahan's last job before full retirement, so it is possible he might be the one prepared to give some ground to make it happen.

Shanahan has extensive experience developing offenses, but he also struggled in Washington. He had the big year with Robert Griffin III in 2012, but otherwise it was not a great stretch. And of course, it ended rather ugly. He has one playoff win since winning the Super Bowl in 1998. If hired, could he find the magic and help rejuvenate the 49ers? I'm skeptical, but who knows at this point.