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49ers deciding between Chip Kelly, Mike Shanahan in next 24 hours

The San Francisco 49ers appear to have narrowed down their head coach decision. Adam Schefter is reporting the 49ers are expected to choose between Chip Kelly and Mike Shanahan to be their next head coach. Schefter said the decision will likely come within the next 24 hours.

If this is the case and one of these two will be the next head coach, it certainly will make for an interesting season. Both are big personalities, and depending on whom you ask, big egos. Both have had considerable personnel power in the past. Trent Baalke is reportedly a guy who does not want to give up power, so it is possible one or both coaches is open to a different arrangement. Of course, given the way things ended in each of their last jobs, neither has a ton of leverage on the personnel side.

The 49ers have interviewed offensive-minded coaches thus far, and Kelly and Shanahan are offensive-minded to quite the degree. Whether either could actually rejuvenate the franchise remains to be seen.

Fooch's update: Matt Barrows added this about a potential offensive coordinator