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Tom Coughlin withdraws from Eagles consideration, does not see 49ers as a fit

The San Francisco 49ers appear to have narrowed their head coach search down to Mike Shanahan and Chip Kelly. They could look other directions, but Adam Schefter is fairly well connected. It would probably be a minor upset if anybody else got the job at this point.

One candidate who appears to be out of the picture is Tom Coughlin. The former New York Giants head coach was under consideration by the 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles. Adam Schefter reported that Coughlin has removed his name from consideration in Philadelphia. That was followed by Ian Rapoport tweeting that Coughlin does not see the 49ers being fit. Rapoport did hedge a little bit after that, and Matt Barrows tweeted something similar.

Until a coach is actually hired, we probably should not rule anybody out. Well, we can rule out Hue Jackson! But, seriously, I expect either Shanahan or Kelly to get the job at this point, but I think most of us are far from certain about anything.