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Colin Kaepernick merchandise no longer on clearance

Back in November, Colin Kaepernick was benched and things were looking bleak. It reached the point where the team store had put most of his merchandise on clearance.

Two months and Chip Kelly later, and that has suddenly changed. Mike Rosenberg was poking around the 49ers team store, and he found that Kap merchandise has been removed from clearance. I've posted a screenshot below.

This could mean absolutely nothing, particularly because we do not know exactly when the clearance prices were removed. It is worth noting that Ian Rapoport is reporting that Trent Baalke sat down with Colin Kaepernick before the season ended. That could mean absolutely nothing as well given that Kap was working out at the facility, and that sit-down could have been a basic discussion about an assortment of things.

I would like to see them work things out, but there is still a lot of work to be done to repair the trust in this relationship. Like the Chip Kelly hiring on its own, this will be a fascinating story to track between now and April 1.