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Golden Nuggets: 49ers hiring Chip Kelly brings plenty of opinions

49ers links for Friday, January 15, 2016.

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The San Francisco 49ers hired Chip Kelly on Thursday, and it is safe to say there were a few opinions about the decision. Kelly is a splashy hire, and this could end very well, or very badly. I don't think anybody has an ambivalent opinion about this decision, which makes it all the better in my opinion. It is not a safe hire, but it will be interesting.

Rather than run down every single link from Thursday afternoon and evening, I thought we'd focus in on the opinions. Everyone's got one. Some are decidedly hot takes, but most do a solid job acknowledging the risky nature of the hire. I do not have all the opinions out there, so feel free to drop them in the comments. But, I made sure to grab some of the more notable opinions. Chris Biderman is the only beat writer in today's links, as I felt he brought a little more opinion to his than your basic facts of the hiring. The rest include facts, but are strong on the opinion. Enjoy!

New Chip on the block: 49ers hire Kelly, won’t be boring next year (Bay Area Sports Guy)

The 49ers' front office is testing itself in a big way by hiring Chip Kelly (Biderman)

49ers hire Chip Kelly: He's the most talented candidate available to them, but this is a formula for another coach-Baalke explosion (Kawakami)

Jed York bets big on new 49ers coach Chip Kelly... and tacitly admits that he screwed everything up the last year (Kawakami)

49ers’ new coach Chip Kelly brings baggage, questions (Killion)

Chip Kelly: The 49ers Go Out For A Tightrope Walk. Can't Wait To See What Happens Next. (Purdy)

Chip Kelly and the 49ers Are the Worst Match Imaginable (Tanier)

Chip Kelly, thy name is Jim Harbaugh? (Gutierrez)

By bringing in Chip Kelly, York proves he prefers to take big swing (Ratto)

Chip Kelly hire will help 49ers fans to move on from Jim Harbaugh (

Chip Kelly has solid shot at redemption with 49ers (USA Today)

San Francisco's hiring of Chip Kelly raises questions (MMQB - Vrentas)

Kurtenbach: Kelly hiring either a stroke of genius or deathblow to 49ers (KNBR - Kurtenbach)

49ers signing Kelly is high risk, high reward (KNBR - Krueger)

Chip Kelly could save Colin Kaepernick's 49ers career (

Chip Kelly Is the New Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers - 'The Herd' (Colin Cowherd)