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John DeFilippo interview makes a little more sense in light of Chip Kelly hiring

The San Francisco 49ers need to sort through their coaching staff in the coming days. Could a previous interview with John DeFilippo help set this up?

Chip Kelly is in the midst of figuring out his coaching staff, and the offensive coordinator role is a curious one. Kelly will likely be looking to implement his offensive philosophy, and that would seemingly make the offensive coordinator less powerful than might otherwise be the case. I don't know if Kelly will be handling his own play-calling, but the offensive coordinator will be a much more directed position.

The 49ers interviewed John DeFilippo last week, which was a curious decision at the time. DeFilippo is the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator. Prior to 2015, he has primarily worked as a quarterbacks coach. In reverse order, he spent three years coaching quarterbacks with the Oakland Raiders, two years at San Jose State, a year with the New York Jets, and another two years with the Raiders. He has extensive offensive experience, but only one as a coordinator.

DeFilippo also interviewed with the St. Louis Rams, for their offensive coordinator role. Given the 49ers early interest in Chip Kelly, it is possible the DeFilippo interview a week ago Friday was to talk to him about the OC role. There was some thought he could also fill the role if the team hired Tom Coughlin, who he worked for as a quality control coordinator. He has ties to Kelly through his college days. As pointed out by Eric Branch, Kelly recruited DeFilippo during the former's time as an assistant at the University of New Hampshire. DeFilippo ended up attending James Madison University.

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