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Anthony Davis suggests April 49ers return from brief retirement

The 49ers will get their offseason workout program started two weeks earlier than normal due to having a new head coach. It could mean an earlier return for offensive lineman Anthony Davis.

The San Francisco 49ers are awaiting the return of offensive lineman Anthony Davis, and Saturday evening he made a comment about it on Twitter. He subsequently deleted the tweet, but as with most anything on the Internet, it's never gone forever.

This is not exactly a shocking tweet. The 49ers will begin their offseason workout program in April, and that would make the most sense for a return date for Davis. He has suggested he is remaining in shape, but the offseason workout program will still be critical for him, and the rest of the 49ers players. They are going to be learning a new system on offense, and potentially on defense. If the offensive philosophy is anything like Chip Kelly's previous philosophy in Philadelphia, the conditioning part of the offseason is going to be critical.

Speaking of the offseason workout program, the 49ers will get an early jump on things for the second straight year. We'll have more details soon, but teams with new coaches get a two week head-start and an extra voluntary minicamp. Hopefully this is the last time for a while that the 49ers get the benefit of the extra two weeks.