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AFC Championship Game schedule: Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning for the 17th time

The Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers by a final score of 23-16 on Sunday to advance to the AFC Championship Game. They will host the New England Patriots, which makes this the 17th time Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will square off over their storied careers. The game will air on CBS, and kick off at approximately noon PT. I hope you're ready for a ridiculous amount of Brady-Manning coverage.

The Broncos looked lethargic for much of Sunday's game, and I am kind of amazed they managed a touchdown late in the game to get the win. Peyton Manning made some big throws, but he also had a lot of dying ducks throughout the game. Both teams are dealing with numerous injuries, so it was sort of a last-man standing type of game at times.

For 49ers fans, this narrowed down the Vernon Davis sixth round pick the team acquired earlier this year. It will not land somewhere between No. 29 and No. 32 in that round.