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Will we see Chip Kelly lead the San Francisco 49ers to a conference championship game?

The 2016 AFC and NFC Championship Games are officially set. Next Sunday, the Denver Broncos will host the New England Patriots, and the Carolina Panthers will host the Arizona Cardinals. The winners advance to face each other in Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium.

The San Francisco 49ers were nowhere near the playoffs this year, putting together a string of hideous performances that resulted in Jim Tomsula getting fired. Now, Chip Kelly is taking the proverbial new sheriff in town, and the future is a tough to figure out. Some expect great things, some expect disaster, and a lot of us just don't know what to make of the whole situation.

The 49ers head into the coming offseason with a ton of cap space, and as many as 12 draft picks, including the No. 7 overall pick. They have a lot of tools to potentially turn things around really quickly. There are reasons to be skeptical, but maybe they surprise us.

With that in mind, and in light of this coming weekend's conference championship games, will Chip Kelly help get the 49ers back to a conference championship game? They went to three straight NFC title games under Jim Harbaugh. Can Kelly put it all together, or do you think the team struggles and Kelly ends up getting fired?