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Kirk Cousins, Robert Griffin III, and the Washington QB situation

Now that the Chip Kelly hiring is official, we can actually go back to discussing a variety of topics that go beyond just Chip Kelly. One topic that will be a fascinating one this offseason is the quarterback position. Obviously this will involve Chip Kelly to a major degree, but there is plenty beyond Kelly to discuss.

Part of the quarterback discussion will revolve around the other teams addressing the position. Hiring Chip Kelly makes it a little harder to figure out the next step, but quarterbacks will be featured aplenty for 49ers fans this offseason. Whether it involves the return of Colin Kaepernick, a draft pick, or a veteran, there are a lot of options that are at least moderately interesting.

The Washington quarterback situation is one that will be getting plenty of discussion heading into the new league year. Jay Gruden benched Robert Griffin III, and installed Kirk Cousins as the team's starting quarterback coming out of training camp. Cousins put together an impressive season, finishing eighth in adjusted yards gained per pass attempt, sixth in QBR, seventh in DYAR, and sixth in DVOA. He was all over the place for some stretches, but closed the regular season strong. He did face some bad defenses, and Washington faces a variety of questions about Cousins future with the team.

The day after Washington's playoff loss to the Packers, someone posted some quick video of RG3 cleaning out his Washington locker, for what could be the last time.

Odds are pretty good RG3 will be released when the new league year starts. Washington owner Dan Snyder is a big fan of his, but given the fifth year option money involved, I don't see how Washington can keep him. I'm really curious to see who decides to take a risk on him. It will likely be for a relatively cheap contract. There is some joking about St. Louis making a play for him, given that they acquired a bunch of picks from Washington when RG3 entered the league. It certainly could make some sense given their own QB questions.

The next question for them will be what to do with Kirk Cousins. One option frequently mentioned is a franchise tag. That would give Washington a chance to see if Cousins is able to build on his 2015 season. The tag would be $18.544 million, which would be fully guaranteed once Cousins signs the franchise tender. That is certainly not peanuts, but if the team wants to see if he can build on 2015, it would make sense to give him another year.

Chip Kelly is expected to have say in the 49ers QB position, but Trent Baalke remains the general manager. There is virtually no chance (I will never say "never") that Baalke would be willing to give up picks for a QB that will be due a huge contract. I don't expect either Cousins or RG3 to be in play for the 49ers, but Washington is a team that could decide to look at a QB in the draft. If they franchise Cousins, it makes sense to have another developmental option. Even if they end up signing Cousins to a long-term deal, a backup prospect is worth consideration. It's something I wish the 49ers had done a better job of considering over the last few years.